Full Moon & partial Lunar Eclipse in 5° of Taurus

Publisert: 28 October 2023

This Full Moon happens in 5° of Taurus, close to the North Node in 24° of Aries, making it a partial lunar eclipse. This may be a time of completion or ending a certain chapter in your life, or maybe it feels more like a graduation to you.

The Full Moon is in Taurus which means the Sun is in Scorpio. The axis between Taurus and Scorpio is teaching us about the cycle of life and death in a continuous flow. Taurus represents the buds in the spring and Scorpio is the putrefaction process in fall, where old life is transformed into compost and nourishment for new life the next spring. What is painful about the putrefaction process of Scorpio, is that sometimes we are not aware of, or we refuse to accept, that certain things in our life have fulfilled their purpose and need to be let go of. But when this happens, the decay is happening anyway, making the process even more painful.

The axis of Taurus / Scorpio is also confronting us with our fear and (false (egoistic)) need for security. Taurus is an earth sign, and has a strong connection with the tangible world. This can make Taurus materialistic; feeling safe and secure when they indulge in material pleasure; like owning a big house, two cabins, a boat, three cars, indulging in food and possessions, and having a lot of money in their bank account. Scorpio, on the other hand, is seeking security on the emotional level. This can make Scorpio manipulative and jealous; trying to control their loved ones so that they can feel safe in their relationships. The thing that is driving both Taurus and Scorpio into these dark places is desire, and not having the courage to confront their fears.

During the Full Moon, the North Node is in Aries, which means something new is budding. Pluto is in 27° of Capricorn, making a square to the North and South Node. This aspect is forcing what is no longer serving us (Capricorn) to rot away (Pluto), so that new life (Aries) can emerge (North Node).

The Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, in opposition to Mercury and Mars. In esoteric astrology, the Moon represents your physical body (and in a way, life) - like a cup. What are you filling your cup with? Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and I interpret this aspect as an invitation to expand (Jupiter) your skills and talents - which are inner qualities - which are ruled by Taurus; where the Moon and Jupiter currently are. Mercury and Mars, on the opposite site of Moon/Jupiter, may be tempting us to follow our instinctive, primitive desires.

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus, and is therefore the planetary ruler of this Full Moon. She is currently in Virgo - the pregnant virgin. The esoteric purpose of Virgo is to give life to something you hold dear. To create something tangible - be it a project or business. Venus in 18° of Virgo is making a trine to Uranus in 21° of Taurus. This aspect can bring progress to whatever it is that you are birthing into this physical world. Venus is opposing Neptune in 25° of Pisces. This aspect can activate your imagination and creativity; and inspire you to release/give birth to something that will have a healing effect on others.