Full Moon in 11° of Capricorn

Publisert: 3 July 2023

On the 3rd of July 2023, we have a super full moon in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the grownup of the Zodiac. In a way, she is both bossbabe and a wise sage. And a warrior. And a magician that has the ability to make her dreams come into reality. She rules the 10th house; the highest point of your chart. This spot is a symbol of what you are leaving behind when your time is over on this planet. This house represents your legacy.

So this is why Capricorn and the 10th house is linked to your career and public image. Think of the famous people we learn about in school. Why were they famous? Because they contributed to the world in a very impactful way. But whether or not we get a worldwide reputation, we all have the possibility of impacting the world. Think of Mother Teresa and Einstein. We learn about their legacy, but we also kind of get an idea of how they were, as people; what their values were, what kind of people they were. So what are your values? How are you contributing to the world? What do you want to leave behind?

At this full moon, we have the Sun and Mercury standing together in Cancer, opposing the Moon in Capricorn. If you are struggling to find out what you want your legacy to be, it might help to look to Cancer. Cancer and the 4th house are our roots; what traditions we grew up with. Our upbringing had, of course, a major impact on our current core values and what we find important in this life. So it might help to look at the placement of Cancer / your 4th house to look for clues about what you find truly important, if you are struggling to see.

It could also be that you are lingering in your Cancer / 4th house zone, and that you are stuck in your comfort zone.

At the moment, Venus and Mars (values and motivation) are teamed up in Leo, squaring with Uranus in Taurus. Squares create friction that makes us uncomfortable. This discomfort makes us want to take action; to change. And this is really what Uranus in Taurus is all about. Uranus is the planet of revolution, and Taurus is the sign of things that are physical and valuable, but also how we “value ourselves”: our self esteem etc. Uranus in Taurus is here to change what has been the status quo for a really long time. And Venus and Mars in Leo (how we express ourselves) in a square to Uranus in Taurus, feels like a nudge that is making this process go faster, at least for a little while. The challenge is that Taurus isn't really a big fan of change… And this might have something to do with why we struggle to pursue our true path and begin to build our legacy.

What is truly important or valuable to you? We all change with time. What was important to us a few years ago, or even just a few hours ago, might not be aligned with what we feel right now. We change! So where are you standing right now?

Capricorn can seem like a real b*tch sometimes. She will step ON your face and just walk right over you if you stand in her way. And this might sound cruel. But. If something - something bad or toxic, like a person with bad influence, a bad habit, anything that will play the role of the enemy - is standing in her way of reaching her goal, then it gotta go! And that attitude is admirable. To be able to discern what is good and not good - serving or not serving - and to be able to detach from that which steals your focus and stands in your way of getting where you want - even if that thing is your best friend, boyfriend, family member, bad habit or a job - that is admirable. Because to say goodbye to something you hold dear, because you realize that it isn't actually good for you - that takes courage. And integrity. And self respect. And a lot of maturity.

But sometimes YOU are the person that is standing in your way. So take a look at that comfort zone, and your values…

The Sun and Mercury are making a trine (supporting aspect) to Saturn retrograde in Pisces. This is like a reality check. The Moon is making a trine to Jupiter in Taurus. These aspects are supporting our desires for building our legacy; building something that will last. Whether that is your family name, a clothing brand, or a spiritual movement - you are supported right now.

For the last time in our timeline, Pluto has retrograded back into Capricorn, and all sorts of structures are crumbling down. Capricorn is the personification of building; of structure. Things that have been the foundation of our life - what is holding our life together - is crumbling down with Pluto in Capricorn. This could be your job (economy), your family, your girlfriend or boyfriend that you have been together with for the past 10 years - it is just collapsing. Tearing that structure down, so that we have to start and build anew. What will you build this time? You are supported by Saturn - lord of time and karma, and Jupiter - the planet of luck and expansion. What will you build? Look into your core values (Cancer / 4th house). That is your seed. Look at the axis of your 4th house and 10th house (Capricorn) - this is the direction that the little seedling will grow. It will grow into a huge, magnificent tree. It will take years and years. But it will grow. So what will you build?