Full Moon in 13° of Sagittarius

Publisert: 4 June 2023

You can see new land on the horizon with this full moon in Sagittarius. There is a lot of potential here, because the ruler of Sag is Jupiter, and therefore Jupiter is the planetary ruler of this full moon. At this moment, Jupiter is aligned with the North Node - a mathematical point that resonates with how we are evolving and growing - both individually but also as a society. This alignment might catapult us forward.

Both Jupiter and Sagittarius carry enthusiastic and optimistic energy. Jupiter governs expansion, and the constellation of Sagittarius is a centaur, shooting with bow and arrow - meaning it's always aiming at something; looking forward.

But there is also friction: Bumps in the road. Saturn in Pisces is squaring with the full moon, and it might feel like we are not going fast enough. However, Mars and Chiron are trining the full moon, fueling us with healing and hope. We are stepping closer to our true self, peeling the layers of the onion.

I wrote some short, general notes on how the moon will affect you, according to which house placement the moon lands in your chart. This is likely the area where you will be hit by an epiphany; evolving and adjusting your beliefs (theme of Jupiter):

1st house: What you show and hold back when meeting new people

2nd house: Your understanding of your own self worth / your private economy

3rd house: Your inner dialogue, communication style, close network and immediate surroundings / neighborhood

4th house: What you need to feel safe. Domestic life, family members / your emotional body. Your ancestors and spirit guides

5th house: Your creative expression of your Self, the way you share your gifts

6th house: Your daily life: Diet, work routine, work out routine, sleeping pattern etc

7th house: Your 1:1 partnerships

8th house: Your joint finances, sexuality, intimate partnership

9th house: Your understanding of your place in this world, your philosophy or thoughts about life and humanity

10th house: Your career or public image

11th house: Your community / network / “tribe”

12th house: Your connection to the spiritual realm; subconscious, spirit guides