Full Moon in 4° of Gemini

Publisert: 17 December 2023

/ November 27th /

This Full Moon activates the axis of Sagittarius and Gemini - fire and air. While their elements are different, they both have Yang energy, which means that their focus is seeking outwards. As opposite signs, they share the same quality: They are mutable, which makes them curious and restless - never dwelling too long in one spot. Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac. It is curious of its immediate surroundings; seeking trivial information and pleasant conversations. Sagittarius is the last fire sign of the zodiac; it is curious about the different types of identity (culture) in the world, and it wants to experience the joy and excitement that the world has to offer. In a larger picture, they both want to understand how the world works. In this lies the key question: What is (the) truth?

Mercury - the planetary ruler of Gemini and this Full Moon - is currently in Sagittarius. Our thoughts are influenced by the optimistic spirit of the kentaur, and we may feel like expanding or experiencing something new. A little restless. The Sun in Sagittarius is accompanied by Mars in a conjunction and they oppose the Moon in Gemini. This duality can help us narrow down what we want our next goal to be. The glyph of Sagittarius is an arrow, and its constellation is a kentaur aiming with a bow and arrow. What are you aiming for, where are you headed?

Where is your place in the world? Where do you belong? What are you meant to explore? What is your purpose? As you contemplate these questions, remember that the answers you get are yours and yours alone. Can you stand in your truth, without forcing anyone to follow in your footsteps? Can you hold your truth, and accept that others are holding a different truth? Reality is subjective.

Reality is forged by our thoughts, words and actions. Full Moons are times of release. At this time, it may be that you are in the process of releasing something that has been your truth/reality. Letting go of something familiar can be scary. But to let go is not the same as to shrink. To let go of outdated beliefs, or shedding old snake skins, is to evolve. To let go is to grow.