Full Moon in 5° of Virgo

Publisert: 24 February 2024

We just entered Pisces Season a few days ago and today the Moon is in 5° of Virgo: In opposition to the Sun in 5° of Pisces. When the Sun and Moon oppose each other, the Sun illuminates the Moon: We (the Sun) are able to see parts of ourselves that are usually fully or partly hidden (Moon). The Sun is our ego, the Self and the journey we are on. The Moon gives us clues about our emotional needs that we need to tend to in order to evolve our Self (Sun). During Full Moons, many people get extra emotional; because our emotions (the Moon) gets to the surface / gets illuminated (by the Sun). The clue is to try and understand what your emotions want to tell you about your needs.

The Moon is in 5° of Virgo: The exact same position as when we entered this new year: At January 1st, 00:00. At that time, the Moon in 5° of Virgo formed a Grand Earth Trine to the Sun in 9° of Capricorn and Jupiter in 5° of Taurus.

In the blogpost on the chart of January 1st, I wrote:

“We are currently “under construction”. The earth signs are builders; creators in the physical realm; bound by time and space. This trine is speaking of our current journey on self improvement. We are working on our skills, probably learning something new, and looking for a new way to use our talents and skills for something greater.”

In order to form a masterpiece, we cannot only add and add to our piece. We also need to adjust and sometimes chisel away some parts that we thought would fit, but ended up not to. Because we are now in Pisces season, it is time for some adjustment. To let go of things that are no longer aiding us on our journey.

When the Sun enters Pisces, that means the astrological year is soon to end. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and is a reminder that nothing is permanent; but also that nothing ever truly disappears: It just changes form. Pisces Season is a time of surrendering and letting go.

With the Moon in Virgo, Mercury is the planetary ruler of this Full Moon (because Mercury rules Virgo). Mercury is currently in 2° of Pisces, in a conjunction with the Sun in 5° of Pisces. This can feel a bit overwhelming. Virgo and Mercury want to draw sharp black lines against a white background. They want things to be precise and crystal clear. Pisces, however, is simply water. And water itself is “shapeless”: It flows according to its physical surroundings: It needs an outside source to be directed. This means that when Mercury (the way we think and communicate) is in Pisces, it may feel like we are grasping for our thoughts and words, only for them to slip away. Because Pisces is intangible and can't be caught. With this Full Moon, there is a lesson about balancing structure and chaos.

Maybe you have been overdoing the “building part” (ref the blogpost on January 1st) the past two months? Maybe you have been so focused on creating these structures and foundations and lines, that you totally forgot about the colors that are supposed to fill the space between the lines? So if your body and soul are screaming colors into your face right now (Mercury in Pisces), maybe you could try and just sit with that chaos. Even if it's colors that you don't like. Maybe you can try and sit silently with your thoughts, in your inner abstract landscape of words and emotions, and just witness it - even though you don't rationally understand it at the moment. Maybe it is time you release some of the routines (ruled by Virgo) that you have recently established - even though they are considered healthy. A lot of things can be considered healthy! But something healthy can become toxic if you overdo it. And too much structure and routine can become a prison cell. So maybe it is time to try something new. Try and see where the water of Pisces wants to guide you: Let it flow, and follow the streams. Or opposite: Try and create new routines (earth) and see how you feel when your water flows in that path.

Remember that chaos and order are two sides of the same coin. And we need both in order to be healthy and happy.