Full Moon in 7° of Pisces

Publisert: 3 September 2023

(Pisces Super Blue Moon, August 31st, 03:35)

This full moon is a super blue moon. It is super, because it is as close as it can get to the earth in its orbit. It is blue, because it is the 2nd full moon in one month, which is very rare. All this intensifies the energy of the full moon. On top of that, the moon is in Pisces, the most sensitive, emotional sign of them all. Aaaand on top of that again, the moon is conjunct with Saturn, which is in 3° of Pisces.

This hits me, personally, so hard, I can't just NOT mention it. I am 29 and I am currently having my first Saturn Return, in exactly 7° of Pisces. So the Moon and Saturn up there are in 7° and 3° of Pisces, triggering my natal Saturn in 7° of Pisces - asking me questions that gives me existential anxiety.

The amount of pressure that I go through at this moment, which is work related (Saturn rules responsibility) is exhausting, to say the least. It feels like Im turning into a black hole.

And how is this relevant to you? Because maybe I have some words of wisdom that might help you, either during your own Saturn Return, or during this Pisces full moon.

Pisces and Virgo rule the axis of the 12th and 6th house. This is the axis of service. Of spiritual (12th) and practical (6th) service. How are you being of service to others, at this time in your life? (At work, at home, through your relationships…?) Is it aligned with how you feel called to be of service to others? What do you need to release (Pisces) in order to authentically be of service to others? The 12th house is where we die (!). Metaphorically and physically (I believe in reincarnation). This is where you let go. This is where you go to rest. Savasana. How do you rest? You know, things that are not “labeled work” are not necessarily “labeled rest”. This has been one of my most important lessons so far, during Leo Season (Leo rules my natal 12th house) and my Saturn Return (Saturn in Pisces, which rules the 12th house). In order to endure what I am going through at the moment (big changes, big decisions, stress), I need DEEP, nourishing rest. So what is *deep rest*, to me? And what is *deep rest*, to you?

Scrolling, netflix, even hanging out with friends. Are these things making you rest deeply, or are they more like a distraction from work? Or maybe something in between? Sometimes these things *are* deeply nourishing. Scrolling on insta can inspire us, netflix can help us release emotions, friends have all possible positive effects on us. But be mindful of your approach, because Pisces is prone to escapism. The thing that Pisces wants most, is peace! So, when things get chaotic, sad and all wrong - if Pisces have not yet acquired the tools needed to transform these burdening feelings into art, healing or something meaningful, they will run away from it. So this is something worth reflecting upon, during this time. When you tap into the sphere of your 12th house; are you escaping or are you resting?

During this Leo Season, with Venus rx in Leo, we have been asked to re-evaluate: What is truly important to us? What gives us joy and satisfaction? These feelings leads us to the feeling of fulfillment. Now that we are in Virgo Season, we get to take this thing - this talent, this project, this whatever that gives us joy and satisfaction, and tweak it into something that can be of service to others. And I believe that this Full Moon in Pisces can help us silence the surrounding noise, so that we can hear our calling even more clearly. By really diving deep into the waters of Pisces; of finding that space, that pastel pink cloud within ourselves; to rest there and admit that “yes, this thing right here is the secret, invisible motivation and silent wish behind what I want the most in life”.

To make this relevant as a Saturn Return lesson: Saturn is “the hard truth”. A lot of my friends have already had their SR and some of them changed jobs; some of them went back to school. All of them were asked: Is this really how you want your reality, your daily life, to be? And no one answered “yes, I want it exactly how it is right now”. All of them changed their situation. And all of them leveled up. And this required a certain level of maturity, which they gained by getting to know themselves on a deeper level. To me, this deep level sounds like the realm of Pisces, which rules our connection to the great collective; our pastel colored dreams; the realm beyond the physical; the energy and invisible threads that we use to sew the foundation for everything we manifest into reality.