Publisert: 31 December 2023

Astrological forecast for January 1st 2024 00:00

The first thing that stands out to me in the chart is the grand earth trine: Sun in 9° of Capricorn, Moon in 5° of Virgo and Jupiter in 5° of Taurus. They are all approximately 120° away from each other, activating three spots in the chart. If you draw a line between these spots they create a triangle: A grand trine, in the earth signs. Trines are supportive aspects where the energy that flows between the planets are harmonious.

We are currently “under construction”. The earth signs are builders; creators in the physical realm; bound by time and space. This trine is speaking of our current journey on self improvement. We are working on our skills, probably learning something new, and looking for a new way to use our talents and skills for something greater.

Jupiter in 5° of Taurus is forming a sextile to Saturn in 3° of Pisces: Slow and steady wins the race. We are slowly transforming into or forging something that is more sustainable, maybe even timeless.

The whole chart is speaking of self improvement: Of a need to expand and evolve beyond our current reality.

Saturn in 3° of Pisces is squaring Venus in 2° of Sagittarius. Squares create friction, but how aggressive is this square? Both Venus and Saturn rule earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn); can they not cooperate? Venus also rules Libra, in which Saturn is exalted. Both Venus and Saturn can be practical and grounded; and also sharp and analytical. None of them are particularly strong in their current signs either, meaning none of them are particularly dominating the other. But maybe, in a square, the differences become too big anyway.

Maybe this square, this “fight”, is about keeping our individuality versus losing it, seeing as Sagittarius and Pisces are involved. Maybe Venus wants us to take responsibility for ourselves (Sagittarius), while Saturn wants us to take responsibility for something that is greater than us (Pisces). Pleasure and freedom (Venus) versus duty (Saturn). Maybe it feels like Saturn is holding us back, stopping the process of self discovery that we ignited during Sagittarius season. Venus in Sagittarius wants us to expand, while Saturn in Pisces wants us to go inwards. But remember Saturn's sextile to Jupiter. Maybe it is not as bad as it seems. Maybe Saturn just wants to remind us of the importance of balance. We ARE a part of something bigger than ourselves, and our actions impact not only ourselves. We must not forget that, even though we are to give extra focus on our personal/spiritual growth.

The last couple of weeks, Mercury and Mars have been making a trine to the North Node in Aries. This connection is still activated. Mercury (still retrograde) at 22° of Sagittarius is in a close trine to North Node in 20° of Aries. We ARE still expanding (although at the moment we may be expanding inwards). Mars is currently at 27° of Sagittarius, and both Mars and Mercury are forming a square to Neptune in 25° of Pisces. This is creating confusion. We might feel uncertain of the next move on our journey and we might get discouraged. However: We must not fear taking baby steps. For each step we take, we gain more experience: That is what this journey is about: To learn more of who we really are. Mercury is still retrograde, meaning we are to contemplate our past. It is okay to just sit and reflect.

In summary, it looks like we are on a collective journey of self discovery. The North Node in Aries helps us burn away what is not “us” so that we can see who we really are and what our potential is. Aries is, after all, a symbol of the seed of life. The squares, it seems, ask us that we don't go and cut ourselves completely off from society: We are all connected. However, we can no longer compromise our own spiritual needs and purpose, for the sake of others.