Neptune & Pluto for the 90s kids

Publisert: 25 August 2023

If you, like me, were born in the middle of the 90s, then right now, Pluto and Neptune are making beautiful aspects that directly affect our personal charts. It affects us both as a generation and as individuals - as within so without, you know.


If you were born in the *middle* of the 90s, then you have Pluto in the last degrees of Scorpio in your personal chart. And at the moment, Neptune in Pisces “up there” is creating a trine (harmonious aspect) to your natal Pluto in Scorpio.


Pluto in Capricorn “up there” is sextile your natal Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto “up there” is also conjunct with your natal Uranus & Neptune in Capricorn.

If you were born between February 1994 and May 1994, you have the North Node in the last degrees of Scorpio conjunct your natal Pluto! Which means that both Neptune and Pluto “up there” are making harmonious aspects to your North Node (karma).

Why is this important? Because Pluto and Neptune are planets of the underworld: Pluto rules the subconscious, endings and transformation - the shifting of energy. Neptune is also a planet of the subconscious; of dreams and imagination and our connection with what is beyond the veil of “reality”. These two in a harmonious aspect invites us to daydream and draw in opportunities to manifest what we imagine. Pluto conjunct your natal Neptune & Uranus is about breaking down and re-building the way that Neptune and Uranus have played out their roles in Capricorn up until now, for you. It's like we are invited to start anew, with a new building plan (Capricorn is about structure and making things last).

Although these aspects are long lasting, it feels worth mentioning now because:

During this Leo Season, I feel like the theme that has been brought up the most is actually life path and career. The question of what we are “meant to do”. And many astrologers have mentioned the importance of leading a life filled with joy. How can we know what our purpose is? It is connected with joy. Leo is all about joy. And Capricorn - which the 90s kids are heavily influenced by - is the sign of work and legacy. It is time for us to combine the energies of the Lion and the Sea Goat.

I feel like telling all the 90s kids that leading a life of joy AND earning money IS POSSIBLE. We are the last generation to be heavily influenced by Capricorn, with both Uranus and Neptune in the sign of the Sea Goat. It is like we have one foot in the “old world”, and one foot in the “new world”, where Gen Z is marching onwards with influences of Aquarius.

We want to be successful, but the echoes of capitalism and patriarchy holds us back. The “bondage of reality” - that Capricorn is using to build, is in fact holding us back at this moment. It is time to look *beyond* (Pluto & Neptune, imagination, connection with intuition, dreaming, manifesting), put our backs to the old world, take Gen Z by the hand and march towards the future. I hope we are the last generation to suffer from the low vibrations of the ambitious sea goat.

What brings you *joy*? What are you *naturally talented* at? Why can't this be your compass, leading you towards success?