New Moon & Solar Eclipse in 21° of Libra

Publisert: 16 October 2023

New Moon / Solar Eclipse on October 16th, 19:55

After a long summer influenced by the theme of self discovery (because of Venus return in Leo), we now get to put what we found and began to establish, to a test: By practicing it in our relationships.

After Leo Season, Virgo asked us to refine our newfound or re-established values, and try and see how these values can guide us in life, and how we can use our values to be of service to others (Virgo/Pisces axis). Now we have entered Libra Season, which activates the axis of the self and other (Aries = self, Libra = other). What is special with this year's Libra Season, is that the Nodes recently changed from Taurus/Scorpio, to Aries/Libra, which means that we are now in Eclipse Season.

An eclipse happens when the Sun/Moon axis meet close to the Moon's Nodes, also referred to as the North Node and the South Node. The South Node (SN) represents our past, past life, karmic baggage, natural skills/talents/traits that we carry from past lives and bring into this life. The North Node (NN) represents the direction we need to go in order to evolve and break karmic patterns. Everyone has a NN and SN point in their natal chart that corresponds with where the NN & SN were in the zodiac during their time of birth. But we are also influenced by the positions of the NN & SN up in the sky that are constantly moving - like the other planets. The dynamics of the Nodes are just as important as the activities of the planets.

At this New Moon, which occurs in 21° of Libra, the Sun and Moon are conjunct (which makes it a new moon) with the South Node (which makes it an eclipse) in 25° of Libra. The new moon asks us to plant new seeds for the future, with the Past (SN) in our minds. By this, I mean that we are to reflect on past relationship patterns (because the SN is in Libra, the sign that rules 1-1 partnerships). When you think about your past relationship patterns, and think about your new-found or re-established values from Leo Season - can these co-exist? Or does something need to change? Are your relationships harmonic, or are they influenced by a false harmony that covers an unbalanced relationship dynamic? Are you safe in your relationships? Do you have integrity in your relationships?

On the opposite side of the Moon / Sun / South Node conjunction in Libra, we find Chiron in 17° of Aries and the North Node in 25° of Aries. Chiron in Aries feels painful, because it sheds light on our darkest parts - “holes”, if you want - that has to do with our core being (Aries). Who am I, really, deep down? What do I like? What excites me? What do *I* want?

Just think about how society throws labels and expectations at us, from the moment we are born. Blue and pink. Names loaded with history, symbolic meaning and cultural references. Toys. Parents with expectations. We meet friends who are influenced by their parents with other expectations. School. School grades. Social media. Ads. Work. “We meet ourselves in the meeting with others”. This is Libra, the mirror, and we need the mirror in order to refine ourselves. But! If we don't establish a strong Self (Aries), we will be hollowed out in this “meeting with the other”. We will “refine” ourselves to the degree that there is no “self”.

This is the work that Chiron in Aries is trying to do: To shed light on the parts of ourselves that we don't fully own. To shed light on the parts of ourselves where we have given away our power and integrity. Libra is much like a mirror: We try to establish harmony and cooperation and strong bonds by actively looking for what we have in common with “the other”. But now, Chiron in Aries is making us see *ourselves* in the mirror - not “the other”. How can you cooperate - with yourSelf? How can you establish harmony within yourSelf? The North Node in Aries indicates that we need to develop Aries-qualities.

What does YOUR voice sound like? What are YOUR yes´es and what are YOUR no´s?

During Leo Season, Venus made a trine (harmonious aspect) to Chiron in Aries, creating a bridge between these values (Leo) and your core (Aries). At this New Moon, it is time to start practicing these values - as a way of life. As *your* way of life.

Venus is the ruler of this New Moon, as she is the ruler of Libra. At this time, Venus is in 5° of Virgo, creating a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Mars in 1° of Scorpio. This dynamic helps us to peel away the superficial layers and really get to know what is buried deep within. Deep in this mud, we find what has been hidden away, what is broken, what needs healing. And so, from this place of dirt - earth (Virgo) and water (Scorpio) - the lotus can grow.

Last but not least: Pluto just went direct, currently in 27° of Capricorn, making a square to both the nodes. Pluto rules extreme transformation; the death, the breaking down of things that no longer serves a purpose. Squaring the Nodes of karma, this transit is pushing certain buttons, making us so uncomfortable with what has served its purpose and should be replaced by new life, that we finally are willing to tear it all the way down. Capricorn rules structure and foundation, so whatever it is that we are finally breaking free from, will probably feel painful to let go of. However, it will be necessary - because its true nature is now rotten. It has served its purpose, and is no longer sustainable. Be it our thought patterns, relationship with money, health routines or generational baggage…