New Moon in 20° of Pisces

Publisert: 10 March 2024

Today, the Sun and Moon meet in 20° of Pisces, creating a New Moon. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is on the far side of the specter of feminine energy (in terms of Yin and Yang). Pisces is a mutable water sign: Water = transformation. Mutable quality = transformation. Water sign -> yin energy = transformation. This is a time for… transformation!

Pisces is opposing Virgo. The role of Virgo is to connect us to the physical realm, while Pisces connects us to the spiritual realm. As I mentioned in the last blog post; Virgo is like the black pencil that creates a form on a piece of paper, and Pisces is the color that fills the shape and gives it life. In life, Virgo is the body; our organs and everything “physical” that keeps us alive. And Pisces is the Soul. Pisces is the “battery” or life force that flows through us.

With the New Moon in Pisces, we are entering a new phase in our lives. Pisces represent endings, but is also a reminder that nothing ever really dies. Our Soul is eternal. Energy simply changes form; it cannot vanish. And so now, we are in a moment in time where something significant is about to change; to change form. It is time to let go of something that has served its purpose, so that we can move on and get ready to be “born again” when we enter Aries Season and the new astrological year.

Chiron & North Node

Chiron and the North Node meet in 17° of Aries. This is a karmic moment (because the Nodes are involved) that is revealing and possibly healing wounds that has to do with our core identity and purpose (because Aries is the first sign; representing the seed of life; the will to live). As the Sun moves through Pisces - the last sign in the zodiac - a cycle is ending; sendings us into a new one, beginning with Aries. All the wisdom of Pisces; all the lessons we have learned the past year, all of that is coming together; forming a new layer of consciousness; forming a “Point Zero”; which the 1 - the Aries - will emerge from. From the subconscious, the conscious is born. From the 12th house, we enter the 1st house of the Self again. So when the North Node meets Chiron in Aries, I believe there is a shift in perspective. We see ourselves in a different light, and therefore our consciousness changes; and WE change. Suddenly we see ourselves more clearly, and we see our path more clearly. As if we were reborn.

Jupiter & Saturn

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and is therefore the ruler of the New Moon. It is currently in 12° of Taurus, creating a sextile to Saturn - as they have been, since June-ish 2023. (They have been activating the sextile aspect, then drifting too far away from each other; and then “retrograded” back into a sextile…) As I have mentioned before; this is helping us grow and evolve. Saturn is the planet of structure and reality, while Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and expansion. Saturn's rigidity is softened with Jupiters hope and optimism; and Jupiters unrealistic and extreme desire for growth is grounded by the gravity of Saturn. In Pisces and Taurus, this manifests in the themes of purpose, your role to play in this life, your natural skills and gifts, improving your skills, realizing your value, realizing that your dreams come from your soul; and that through your body and skills you can make your dreams come true in this physical realm.

Uranus & Mars

We still have planets in the signs of Taurus and Aquarius; squaring each other and creating friction. This friction is meant to help us in our evolution. We need some resistance in order to get strong. Taurus wants to take it slow and steady while Aquarius wants change fast. When Uranus (a need for change) in Taurus is squared by Mars (willpower, drive, motivation, desire) in Aquarius, we can feel really frustrated, maybe so much so that we get angry. But this energy has the potential to help us see things through: To put in extra work, to make whatever process we are in, go faster.

Mercury & Pluto

Mercury just entered 0° of Aries, and is making a sextile to Pluto in 1° of Aquarius. This aspect creates a connection and curiosity (Mercury) to the metaphysical (Pluto): The subconscious and the place behind the veils of physical reality is pouring information and wisdom (Pluto in Aquarius) into your thoughts (Mercury in Aries). This is about your purpose in this grand plan. It is about society (Aquarius) and your place in it (Aries / Aquarius).