New Moon in 20° of Sagittarius

Publisert: 17 December 2023

/ December 13th /

The New Moon in Sagittarius is inviting us to sow new seeds, regarding our beliefs and ways of thinking - both about the world, and our place in it. Sagittarius is the last fire sign in the zodiac. As with all the fire signs, it is concerned with developing its own identity. It wants to become its true Self. As one of the Universal signs, it has a perspective that sees the world as a whole. Sagittarius is searching for meaning and purpose in the larger picture. That is why Sagittarius feels the need to travel physically or intellectually (like reading or meditating). They find their place in the world (identity) by exploring the world.

At the moment, Mercury (our thoughts, the way we think) is stationed in Capricorn, soon to be retrograde for the final time in 2023. During its retrograde period, it will travel back into Sagittarius. Because of this, it seems like the next month will be prime for traveling *inwards*. The quest for our Truth will be an internal process. The refining of our minds and beliefs that began around the Full Moon in Gemini, is not yet complete. Will it ever be? As we discard some beliefs, we may fill our minds with new perspectives. This again will point to other beliefs that should be let go of, which again makes room for new integrated beliefs and world views. And so on.

The Sun and New Moon are making a trine to the North Node in Aries, supporting our search for purpose or “True Identity”. Meanwhile, the Sun and Moon are squaring with Neptune - the planet of daydreaming and fantasies - but also confusion and delusion. Squares are uncomfortable because they create friction. When squares involve a “water planet” like Neptune, that friction may come across as uncertainty and doubt. The nature of this square is not so aggressive or “sharp”. It may paralyze us, rather than pushing us forward.

As I pulled my own personal tarot cards for this new Moon, one of the cards that showed up was The Hermit. The Hermit is seeking wisdom by going inwards, in the dark and unknown parts of himself. He only has a lantern to guide him. And the point is that the lantern is only lighting up the area close to him. That means that in order to gain clarity; he has to travel the path, step by step, never knowing what lies far ahead of him: Only seeing 2-3 steps ahead. In order to find his path, he will have to move.

With the square to Neptune, it seems like we will have to do as the Hermit: Trust the path. Trust that any step we take, is, in fact, taking us closer to our destination: Don't be afraid. You are not taking yourself further away from your “True Identity” by “going the wrong way”. There is no “wrong way”. We are ever-changing. With every step, we gain more experience. We have to trust that our path will reveal itself little by little, with every step we take. Maybe we shouldn't be so concerned with the future (“goal”). We can only work with what we've got: The present moment. And trust that this moment will lead us to the next.