New Moon in 20° of Scorpio

Publisert: 13 November 2023

This New Moon in 20° of Scorpio has a sense of urgency to it. The global energy is tense, and change is eating its way into our personal lives. We crave security and stability, yet we are forced to let go and trust the process. Scorpio corresponds with the season of decay and teaches us about the necessity of old life to compost into fertile soil that new life can grow from.

The Moon and Sun are in conjunction with Mars in 22° of Scorpio. Mars is the planetary ruler of this New Moon, as Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio. The conjunction with the Moon, Sun and Mars intensifies the Scorpio energy, making it kinda raw and primal. Mars is all about instincts; desire; the things we really, really want and crave - like security - on such a deep level that it is hard to put words to it. It's just pure animal instinct. We need what we need, and we might get aggressive and be willing to fight for it if we get challenged.

On the opposite side of the Moon / Sun / Mars conjunction, we find Uranus retrograde in 21° of Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is a long transit, which lasts from 2018-2026 and is slowly changing our core values. The opposition from the Sun / Moon / Mars conjunction acts as a sudden activation of Uranus in Taurus, and we get catapulted forward into what Uranus is trying to change. Some of us might get some revelations or “aha-moments”, and others might experience sudden life changing shifts.

The bottom line is that some part of your life has played its part and it's time to say goodbye to it. This could be a friendship or partnership, a job situation, eating habits, thought patterns etc. Let it rot away and make room for new life to bloom.

Venus in 5° of Libra is forming a sextile to Mercury in 4° of Sagittarius. There ARE new possibilities as you look towards the horizon, even though the Scorpio energy can feel disempowering. Mercury is helping you stay optimistic and looking for new ways to adapt, and Venus is helping you make sustainable, aligned new choices along the way.