New Moon in 21° Virgo

Publisert: 15 September 2023

To me, the summer has felt like a loooong slumber. Probably because Venus was rx in Leo for such a long time, and Leo rules my 12th house. But now that we have arrived at the New Moon in Virgo, the energy feels different, more crisp, but still a little slow. Probably because 6 celestial bodies are still retrograde (at the time when I'll post this text, Mercury - the ruler of this new moon - just went direct). With so many planets retrograde, we are still in a phase of re-evaluation.

Virgo is a mutable sign. Like all the mutable signs, she is here to end a season. Change is coming. Virgo is ending the summer; and she does that by starting the process of pulling the energy back. Yin.

During Leo season, with Venus rx in Leo, we have been re-evaluating our values. “What does your heart want?” This could be about love, but it could also be about your secret dream or wish that no one knows about. What is truly important to us? What do you truly like to do? And with Leo, we were probably led towards joy. Happiness and laughter. Warmth. Because this feels important. Urgent, even. When the Sun moves through Virgo, we are asked to take that energy, that feeling of joy, that sensation of warmth and “put it on a piece of paper”. How do you materialize it? How do you take that *energy* and create it in the physical world?

If you have a talent; if you have an idea; if you are gifted - train it! And this is where Virgos routines come in the picture. Virgo rules our 6th house of daily chores and routines. During the Full Moon in Pisces 2 weeks ago, we reflected upon “how do I feel called to be of service to others?”. Take that answer and make a plan. Work towards it. How? Go into detail. What do you need? What do you NOT need? Declutter the background noise. The Sun and Moon are meeting in 21° of Virgo. A month ago, during the New Moon i Leo, we had Mars in 22° of Virgo, creating a major earth trine with Uranus in Taurus and Pluto rx in Capricorn - supporting our dream of change.

We are here now. This is the change. This is the first page of the new chapter, and it is called “Change is coming”.