New Moon in 24° of Cancer

Publisert: 17 July 2023

A LOT is going on at this New Moon in 24° of Cancer. Can you feel the pressure?

-The Nodes just changed signs for the first time since January 2022. In the following 18 months, the North Node will travel “backwards” through Aries, mirrored by the South Node in Libra.

-Another big event at this New Moon, is that the Moon and Sun are opposing Pluto retrograde in the last degree (29°) of Capricorn.

All of these signs I just mentioned - Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra - are Cardinal signs. This means that they are all squaring or opposing each other. (It is 90° between the four of them in the circle of 360°. Quick mafffs :) ) So the energy of frustration or push-and-pull is setting the tone for the whole chart tonight. It's like a major breakthrough is just around the corner. Something is about to give in.

But there are a few transits that feel more helpful in a not so aggressive way: Neptune retrograde is in harmonic aspects to both the New Moon and Pluto. The fact that Neptune is retrograde will help us to take a step back, and deal with the Plutonian themes of power dynamics by helping us to reflect upon and really dig deep into what we actually need in order to feel emotionally secure (Moon/Sun in Cancer theme). (Because emotional security is what a New Moon in Cancer is all about.) Uranus in 22° of Taurus (breaking free from the status quo, finding the new “this is how we do it”) is making a sextile to Sun & Moon in Cancer, which is also helping us with actually taking the necessary steps in breaking free from outdated patterns that aren't helpful anymore.

The overall message of this New Moon is about breaking free from a painful past (or present!) that is not serving anymore. We are growing more and more into our true selves, realizing our true worth. Whatever we have been giving away our power to, in exchange for (false) security, is no longer worth it. The North Node in 29° of Aries is making a trine with Venus in 28° of Leo. This encourages us to step into our integrity; to claim our Crown and take up the space that is rightfully ours.