New Moon in 26° of Gemini

Publisert: 18 June 2023

The New Moon of June is in the early morning on the 18th, in 26° of Gemini, the social butterfly.

The sign of the twins symbolizes duality and the ability to hold two or more opposite or different thoughts or perspectives at the same time. Gemini is the first air sign in the wheel of the zodiac and represents the phase of life when we start at school: When we start to learn the alphabet and mathematics. Our internal world widens as we learn new things, and our physical world widens as we meet new friends at school and start visiting them and playing outside in our neighborhood. In this way, Gemini is a sign of expansion and travel: Travel in our minds, and travel in our physical environment (only short trips, though).

On a deeper level, Gemini is on the search for truth. But to find out what is true, you first have to define what truth is.

At this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are squaring Neptune in Pisces. Squares create friction and make us uncomfortable, so that we get motivated to change. The hard thing about squares to Neptune, is that the ice blue planet is so very beautiful. She is a muse; music and dance, art, our dreams, rainbows, love and peace. We need pastel colored fantasies in our life, but with Neptune, it can be hard to tell - and admit to ourselves - when we have completely crossed the line between reality and fantasy, and are no longer rooted in what is real.

During the time of the New Moon, we might get confronted with the fact that a part of our life has been soaked in illusion. This illusion might be a friendship/relationship, an opportunity, the way we deal with difficult emotions, how we express ourselves, how we take care of our body, our profession etc.

The question we need to ask ourselves is; what is the truth? And, is my truth different from your truth? In a way, there is truth in illusion too. What is the truth behind the truth, and the truth behind our dreams and fantasies (“illusion”)? Why are we wishing for the specific things that we wish for? Why are we seeking what we are seeking? By reflecting on these questions, we might discover something very important: The truth behind our curiosity and interests; and thus, discover an important part of our core identity and motivation in this life.