New Moon in 28° of Taurus

Publisert: 19 May 2023

This New Moon is intense, and it holds massive potential. It lands in the sign of Taurus, which is the sign of values, material possessions and abundance, everything physical, money and sensuality. Since this is a New Moon, the Moon and Sun are in conjunction. This means that our emotional needs (Moon) and purpose (Sun) are aligned. One thing that is extra special about this New Moon, is that Jupiter - the planet of luck and abundance - just entered the sign of Taurus. And very close to Jupiter, we have the North Node - also in Taurus. So The North Node (where we are headed, individually and as a society) and Jupiter (where we are growing, learning and evolving) are aligned. And lets not forget that Uranus - planet of revolution and change - is also in the sign of Taurus. This message is so loud and clear that it's basically like the Universe is yelling (with love) at you, in caps lock: WHAT DO YOU WANT.

Although Taurus is all about pleasure and relaxing and sunbathing while you enjoy an ice cold mocktail, there is a sense of urgency to this New Moon. This comes from the square between both the Nodes, Mars and Pluto. This square is a battle of power and control. Fear versus inner peace.

The past month, Mercury has been retrograde in Taurus and just went direct a few days ago. This retrograde has influenced us to reflect upon Taurean matters (money/economy, security, what is truly important to us). The world is changing (Pluto in Aquarius, squaring the Nodes) and many feel like the future is an unsafe place. This is a period where we are craving stability and reliability in a way that we might never have before. To a lot of us, this is linked to our personal economy, but also our connection to society / our relationships / sense of belonging.

So. What do you need in order to ground yourself? What do you need to feel safe? Even though there is war and upheaval in the world, what do you need, so that you can have a sense of inner peace, in your being?