Super Full Moon in 9° of Aquarius

Publisert: 1 August 2023

In August we'll have two Super Full Moons. Both of them are “super” because they'll be as close to the Earth as they'll get. Because of that, we will feel the pull of the Moon more strongly. The first Super Full Moon is today, on August 1st, at 9° of Aquarius.

The Leo / Aquarius axis (scroll further down for other transits)

This Super Full Moon highlights the struggle between the need to belong / be accepted and being your own unique person with values and opinions that might not be aligned with what is status quo. We can cooperate and be united even though we are different. So what are you bringing to the table? If everyone brought tomatoes, that would be a boring dinner party!

While Leo sometimes compromises their authenticity to gain popularity, Aquarius can go the other way and try to be the weird one just for the sake of looking unique. Let's find a balance between these two, by embracing what makes us unique, and using these qualities - our talents and gifts - to actually be helpful.

Aquarius is the water carrier; delivering healing water to the people that need it. But the water is not actually water; it is healing for the mind: Hope. It is a spark. It is change; energy. Inspiration. Aquarius is the freedom fighter that happily stands up against the status quo, fighting for those who can't fight for themselves. The gift of Aquarius is to show others that there is always possible to do things differently.

Aquarius is infused by powerful Yang - masculine - energy, combined with the element of air. This provides the Water Carrier with the extrovert energy it needs to gather people and start movements. Aquarius´ modality is fixed, which gives her the stamina and endurance she needs to fight the long fight.

What is your fight? What are you bringing to the table? What is it that you know, that you think more people should know about? What are you doing differently, or how are you being different, in a way that could benefit others?

Other transits:

Jupiter 13° of Taurus trine Mars 13° of Virgo

We have an exact trine between Jupiter (expansion) and Mars (motivation) in earth signs. This is supporting, grounding energies. I feel like this is about finding a better way to use your resources. By that, I mean your skills and natural talents. Taurus is interested in making things last, and Virgo is interested in absolute perfection. This is a good time to make a thorough plan, sow some seeds, and begin to do the actual work that needs to be done, in order to accomplish what you desire. You are supported.

Saturn rx 5° of Pisces opposite Mercury 5° of Virgo

There is also an exact opposition between Saturn return (the “reality check”) and Mercury (our focus, thoughts, attention). The axis between Virgo and Pisces is about healing, but on different planes. Virgo is practical, physical, “real” - in the sense of tangible things that are impossible to deny. Pisces is invisible, energy, emotions, presence, spirit. The push and pull between these two can feel frustrating, but exploring both sides of this axis might take you closer to what you want.

Venus rx 26° of Leo trine North Node 28° of Aries

Another important aspect is Venus retrograde in a close trine to the North Node that just changed sign into Aries. The fire signs are interested in what lights our fires; our essence; life force; passion. This aspect is supporting us in peeling away layers that we have covered ourselves in, in order to gain acceptance. Now we are supported to peel these false layers back, and show up as who we truly are. No more people pleasing.

Venus rx 26° of Leo square Uranus 22° of Taurus

Venus is also squaring with Uranus in Taurus, which further motivates us to change. This friction makes us feel uncomfortable in the layers we have covered up in. Even though it has felt safe, and maybe it has been necessary, we can't continue with this anymore.

Jupiter 13° Taurus squaring both Sun 9° Leo and Moon 9° Aquarius

Last, I want to write about Jupiter squaring both the Sun and Moon. I imagine this transit feels like we are wearing an old shirt that we have outgrown: It is way too small and hinders free movement. We need to get out of it, but it is so tight, the only way is to wriggle until it tears.

A lot is happening in the stars this month. I believe the most important words of wisdom at this moment is to stop people pleasing. This only creates a false harmony on the surface, that eats away at your essence under the surface. Stand up for yourself. Be your own hero.