The essence of the zodiac sign Cancer

Publisert: 2 July 2023

Do you remember your favorite stuffed animal that you brought with you everywhere as a kid? Think of your grandmother's gold bracelet, your dads laughter and bad jokes. The tradition of having cake for breakfast on your birthdays. That old lampshade beside the old armchair. The smell of your house every time you came home from a long journey. The wedding rings of your grandparents that were married for 70 years. Your mothers perfume, and grandfather's collection of ties.

This is the essence of Cancer. Our home and family; where we come from; our roots. The things that laid the foundation of who we are; the way we were raised and the traditions we grew up with. The things that have a sentimental value. The things that are truly important to us. Memories, smells, places. All that which is so private that it is intimate to us.

Maybe it's not that weird that the Cancer archetype is so private and closed off sometimes. The nostalgia, traditions and the sentimentality, is such an important part of them, like it's the core of their very being. Their emotions are so deep. And important and valuable. And they are worth nurturing, and to be protected from those who can't understand.