Unity (mini)

1200 NOK

Available in Norwegian and English.

What does the astrology say about the relationship of you and your partner? This e-book is a synastry horoscope, which provides insight into the compatibility and dynamics between you and your partner. By analyzing the planetary positions and aspects in both birth charts, you can expect to learn about the strengths and challenges within the relationship, the level of emotional connection, communication styles, areas of harmony, potential conflicts, and the overall compatibility between you and your partner. Additionally, the synastry reading may shed light on the shared goals, values, and the potential for long-term commitment. It can offer valuable guidance for understanding the dynamics and potential growth areas in the relationship, as well as providing insights into areas where compromise and understanding may be required.

These are the celestial bodies and mathematical points that I cover in this e-book:

Ascendant - the mask of your personality
Sun - core personality and purpose
Moon - emotional needs
Mercury - communication style
Venus - love language
Mars - sexuality, motivation, temperament

This is a short version e-book. It will be written in short paragraphs, and I wont go into detail about the hows and whys.

Your horoscope will be sent to your email as a PDF-file. After you have entered the necessary information to create your chart, you will receive an invoice. I will write your horoscope after payment is complete.